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8 Tools to Improve Concentration

This e-book teaches you in 25 pages how to take your mental performance and concentration into your own hands. These tools have been carefully selected and tested by the people of LiveHelfi and are supported by biological theory and scientific research. By applying these eight tools and actionable steps of each technique, you can upgrade your concentration quickly and easily.

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In this e-book, you’ll learn:

- How food, sleep, exercise, and light influence your concentration (among others).
- Tips to keep your concentration high at all times.
- What steps you can take to increase your concentration even more when you need it most.

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On behalf of the LiveHelfi team

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Eduard de Wilde 
Founder, owner of LiveHelfi
Certified Bulletproof Coach

Experiences of Olympic rower, Govert Viergever


“I feel better than ever at tournaments after adopting this new (Bulletproof) lifestyle. Even better than at the previous Olympic games. I received my blood test results yesterday. My hematocrit (red blood cells, oxygen uptake) has increased by 20%. If it rises even more, I’ll have to prove the increase is due to natural causes! I consider that to be great. For the moment, I’ve also been able to make the most of this race, both mentally and physically. I am quite satisfied with those results as well.

I had already thanked you in my Instagram post, but I wanted to let you know again that I appreciate your help greatly. And that you really contribute to my success. Even if that is 4th place for now, I have the feeling that I’m just getting started and things will only get better by continuing this lifestyle. Victory is now within my reach. So, once again, my thanks.”

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