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Thank you for your interest in our e-book: Introduction to Bulletproof Lifestyle.This E-book is intended for people who are interested in improving their mental and physical performance. The Bulletproof lifestyle was developed by Dave Asprey and has quickly become very popular because it really pays off. It uses the latest scientific findings and is easy to maintain. With the Bulletproof lifestyle you can, in a healthy and effective way:
  • Control your weight
  • Slow the aging process
  • Increase your resistance
  • Improve your cognitive performance
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Eduard de Wilde 
Founder, owner LiveHelfi
Certified Bulletproof Coach

About LiveHelfi

LiveHelfi specializes in Bulletproof. We sell products that fit within the Bulletproof Lifestyle and low carbohydrate diets. We limit ourselves not only to the Bulletproof brand but offer other high quality brands like Natural Stacks and Life Extension as well.
The mission of LiveHelfi is:
  • Offer a selection of products that contribute to optimizing your mental and physical performance
  • Providing information about the products and how they can be used
  • Providing information and inspiration about the Bulletproof Lifestyle and Paleo diet
  • Providing information about biohacking
  • Sharing our personal experiences

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