Our solution for all ambiguity surrounding supplements

The problem common to taking any supplement ... now solved?!

The world of supplements is enormously complex. You'll quickly discover this as enthusiastic beginner and experience this on a daily basis as seasoned biohacking veteran.
For even the simplest vitamin you can find multiple forms, differing dosages, divergent instructions of use, and dozens of brands with each a 'unique formulation'.

It is our mission to help you improve your mental and physical performance!

We're doing this in part by sharing good, applicable information through our blog and e-books, but also by making great supplements and other products available to you. To achieve our goal, we are constantly gathering new information and we're keeping our eyes on new, innovative products. The deeper we dive into the world of supplements, the more complex it becomes. With this guide, we hope to create clarity in this complex world.

Benefits of the LiveHelfi Supplement Guide

  • Not pages filled with text, but concise information. For the extended version you can always visit our website.
  • The most critical information in one overview per brand with handy, printable diagrams.
  • Optimise your supplement stack with recommendations about which supplements work well together.
  • Clear recommendations on supplements for specific goals, such as food supplementation, exercise, mental performance, anti-ageing, and sleep.
  • Easily search-able with internal and external links inside the guide and directly to the LiveHelfi product page.
  • Up to date information, also for our newest acquisitions. We regularly add new products to our collection and continuously find new information on the best way to use our supplements.
  • Order now for free using this form. That's right! We'll send your the entire 103-page document containing 80 supplement entries from 15 different brands, and supplement recommendations of the top 5 supplementation goals free of charge!

In the LiveHelfi Supplement Guide, you'll find for each supplement

  • The general application: what purpose the supplement serves
  • The best intake timing: morning, afternoon, evening, etc
  • The recommended intake: with or without a meal
  • The recommended dose: manufacturer's instructions and Dutch/European guidelines
  • The active ingredients: detailed descriptions of the contents and quantities
  • Contra-indications: such as allergies or possible conflicts with medical conditions
  • How to store: refrigerated and shelf life

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On behalf of the LiveHelfi team
Eduard de Wilde 
Founder, owner LiveHelfi.com
Certified Bulletproof Coach

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